R18LabQMS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offered as an annual subscription.

The initial account/lab setup within a company is considered the Primary Lab Account (required); each additional account/lab within the company is considered a Satellite Lab (other physical address within the same company).

Primary Lab: $2850

Satellite Lab (each additional): $1700


Schedule a demo of the application

Access to the R18LabQMS® system is only granted once payment is received.

When subscribing directly from the Asphalt Institute Webstore with a credit card, you will receive an email receipt for your purchase. If your laboratory requires purchasing by invoice, click the Send Invoice button below.

Expect a ‘Welcome’ email with instructions for ‘Next Steps’ that will include training and set-up options when payment is received. You will receive email messages from time-to-time, so please make sure your IT/Email administrator allows mail from our domain (r18labqms.com) to bypass spam filters.

For Asphalt Institute member rates, please inquire:

Gary Irvine
859-221-2605 cell