Importing equipment and procedures

Arguably, equipment procedures (calibration, standardization, check, maintenance) are the most time-consuming and important part of any quality management system. Within our laboratory, we have 150+ pieces of equipment that will require about 300 procedures to be completed annually.  Initially, when adding equipment inventory with their procedures, and adding them one at a time, the process […]

Maintaining your quality management system – an anniversary

With many labs, it is easy as the busy season approaches to put off maintaining a quality management system (QMS). One area that is arguably the most active and comes due on a continuous basis is equipment procedures (EP). In our lab, we have 150+ pieces of equipment, and between the calibrations, standardizations, checks, and […]

Version 2.5 ASTM Quality Standards launch date

The time has come. The launch date for V2.5 ASTM Quality Standards will be Thursday, February 16th at 8 a.m. E.S.T., and we don’t anticipate an interruption in service.  Summary of the ASTM Quality Standards upgrade:  The following ASTM Quality Standards have been added to the R18LabQMS application and treated as their own stand-alone quality […]