2023 summary of upgrades and what’s coming

We are often asked how often we make upgrades to R18LabQMS. In this post, we will address this topic and summarize the upgrades and enhancements made for 2023, along with what is coming in the near future. Each year we review the quality standards and comments from users and then make changes as needed. This process […]

Creating and implementing equipment procedures 2

In the early development of the R18LabQMS application, creating equipment calibration, checks, standardization and maintenance procedures (EPs) needed to be a flexible process within the application to meet the various ways laboratories create and document their EPs. Performing EPs There are two considerations when creating EPs within the R18LabQMS application, 1) are procedures performed in-house […]

Creating and managing equipment procedures

I am often asked if all calibrations, standardizations, checks and maintenance equipment procedures (EPs) for major pieces are neatly organized and up-to-date in the R18LabQMS application? Well, unfortunately, they’re not. With equipment related to 250+ individual tests in nine categories for Construction Material Laboratories (CML) that follow ASTM and AASHTO standards where potential changes are […]