Accreditation fundamentals

Initiating the accreditation process can be a daunting task, as there are fundamentals that you should be aware of and start with as a foundation. The first thing to consider is the quality standard that you will be following. In this case, we will refer to AASHTO R18. Most accreditation bodies will then require three […]

R18LabQMS – other quality standards and practices

AASHTO R18 is only one of many quality standards that laboratories follow to meet the requirements of accreditation. R18LabQMS specifically follows the guidelines of AASHTO R18, however other quality standards can be implemented within the quality manual with a little ingenuity. Other quality standards used with construction materials laboratories are ASTM, for example. While there […]

The future is here – paper to digital

While exploring this month’s topic I decided to continue a discussion with Brian Johnson and Kim Swanson on a recent AASHTO re:source podcast episode, ‘S2 E18: Moving to a Digital Quality Management System. This was my debut podcast appearance so please, bear with me. It was fun. Like most things in life, change is inevitable. Have […]