Benefits of satellite labs

Does your company have multiple laboratory locations that may or may not be accredited? Managing and assuring quality can be a challenge if there isn’t a standardized system and process in place within your company. Far too often, I see companies that allow their laboratories to operate autonomously, which can ultimately lead to confusion and […]

2023 year-end wrap up, ASTM and more

In the latter part of 2023, we formed an R18LabQMS Collaboration Team (CT) to assist in the process of finalizing a proposal for the next upgrade to the application scheduled to be launched in Q2 2024. The CT is made up of long-time power users who have contributed significantly to the process, and who will […]

2023 summary of upgrades and what’s coming

We are often asked how often we make upgrades to R18LabQMS. In this post, we will address this topic and summarize the upgrades and enhancements made for 2023, along with what is coming in the near future. Each year we review the quality standards and comments from users and then make changes as needed. This process […]