Equipment procedures V2.4

Updating the way equipment procedure forms are created was one of many upgrades included in the V2.4 upgrade. Let’s revisit this information from our March blog post:  This upgrade was long overdue and will allow more flexibility when creating the equipment procedure forms within the application, and users will be able to provide more content […]

R18LabQMS onboarding process – revisited

The onboarding process going from paper to digital is big, and understandably so. Change is not always easy but in the long run a very wise decision. A common question I am asked when giving a one-on-one demo is, “How long does it take to fully implement R18LabQMS for our laboratory?” I usually respond by […]

Version 2.4 getting ready to launch

We are excited about this next upgrade as we wrap up beta testing for the upcoming Version 2.4. Some of the upgrades will be more visible than others but all are critical in an effort to keep R18LabQMS relevant and, most importantly, up-to-date with the latest AASHTO R18 Standard requirement. The launch will take place […]