Web Based Quality Management System

Web Based Quality Management System

That Follows the Guidelines Of AASHTO R18


Your old system of filing cabinets, 3 ring binders


By accreditation bodies as a method to manage your Quality Management System.


System that’s becoming an industry standard

Simplify Your Accreditation Process

With a web based intuitive management tool through a set-up process and a dashboard to manage updates.

Stay In Compliance

With email reminders addressing all areas of accreditation keeping your quality manual up to date.

Gain Confidence With Assessments

With a standardized quality management system that keeps you prepared ahead of your assessment.

  1. Manage Lab – Quality Manual

    Manage Lab Account Details

    Your Quality Manual

  2. Major Laboratory Equipment & Procedure Management

    Equipment Inventory

    Equipment Inventory Detail

Get Started Now!

Get Started Now!



$2,675 – Annually

Primary Lab
Phone Support

Virtual Support

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Equipment Inventory

$1,600 – Annually

Satellite Lab
Primary Lab Account Required

Phone Support

Virtual Support

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Equipment Inventory

Equipment calibration options (c/s/c/m)

Equipment procedures (Calibration/Standardization/Checks/Maintenance) (c/s/c/m) are arguably the most time-consuming and detailed part of any quality manual. If your lab has 125 pieces of equipment you can easily perform 250...

January 13, 20220 comment

R18LabQMS implementation (onboarding) for your laboratory

A common question I am asked when giving a one-on-one demo is, ‘How long does it take to fully implement R18LabQMS for our laboratory?” I usually respond by saying,...

December 11, 20210 comment

Accreditation fundamentals

Initiating the accreditation process can be a daunting task, as there are fundamentals that you should be aware of and start with as a foundation. The first thing to...

November 2, 20210 comment



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