Web Based Quality Management System

Web Based Quality Management System

That Follows the Guidelines Of AASHTO R18


Your old system of filing cabinets, 3 ring binders


By accreditation bodies as a method to manage your Quality Management System.


System that’s becoming an industry standard

Simplify Your Accreditation Process

With a web based intuitive management tool through a set-up process and a dashboard to manage updates.

Stay In Compliance

With email reminders addressing all areas of accreditation keeping your quality manual up to date.

Gain Confidence With Assessments

With a standardized quality management system that keeps you prepared ahead of your assessment.

  1. Manage Lab – Quality Manual

    Manage Lab Account Details

    Your Quality Manual

  2. Major Laboratory Equipment & Procedure Management

    Equipment Inventory

    Equipment Inventory Detail

Get Started Now!

Get Started Now!



$2,850 – Annually

Primary Lab
Phone Support

Virtual Support

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Equipment Inventory

$1,700 – Annually

Satellite Lab
Primary Lab Account Required

Phone Support

Virtual Support

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Equipment Inventory

Creating and implementing equipment procedures 2

In the early development of the R18LabQMS application, creating equipment calibration, checks, standardization and maintenance procedures (EPs) needed to be a flexible process within the application to meet the...

August 16, 20230 comment

Creating and managing equipment procedures

I am often asked if all calibrations, standardizations, checks and maintenance equipment procedures (EPs) for major pieces are neatly organized and up-to-date in the R18LabQMS application? Well, unfortunately, they’re...

June 17, 20230 comment

Importing equipment and procedures

Arguably, equipment procedures (calibration, standardization, check, maintenance) are the most time-consuming and important part of any quality management system. Within our laboratory, we have 150+ pieces of equipment that...

April 29, 20230 comment



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