3.1 Equipment Deadlines

It is a focal point of the Dashboard to display equipment calibration and maintenance procedures that are due for the specified equipment. The Dashboard displays these procedures under Approaching Deadline and Needs Attention. Once a procedure has been created with its calibration or maintenance date and the frequency of the procedure, it will appear as a yellow bar under the Approaching Deadline section as a deadline approaches. In this section you have the option of setting the range for how far in time a procedure appears on the list with 1- and 5-day, 1- and 2-week, 1- and 3-month settings. If a procedure is not completed on time it moves to the section Needs Attention once past the set deadline.

Each procedure has a designated symbol to differentiate whether it is a Cal/Check/Standard or Maintenance Procedure. Refer to the legend above the deadlines section to determine the type of procedure needed to be performed. To perform a procedure, click on the yellow or red equipment deadline bar to be taken to the procedure form. Complete the form by filling in the required information and click Save & Complete to submit the procedure or Save Progress to complete the procedure at a later time. When returning to the Dashboard, the completed procedure will be listed under the Recently Completed Tasks section.


3.2 Recently Completed Tasks

This is a list of procedures completed in the lab, and will display the last 10 completed procedures. After a procedure has been completed, the procedure is no longer displayed on the deadlines section and appears on the Recently Completed Tasks list.


3.3 Recurring Checklist

These are reminders to help Primary Lab Managers and Lab Managers manage the requirements of section 5 in AASHTO R18. The Recurring Checklist will remind managers to make any changes that have been made to document control, personnel records, training records, corrective actions etc. Managers can dismiss items from the list as they are completed, and a record of the last 10 completed checklist items will appear on the Recently Dismissed section.


3.4 AMRL Auditor Lab Access

Shows who has access to view your Quality Manual from AMRL, as well as any requests from AMRL at that time. If your lab is accredited by AMRL, this is a great way to allow an auditor to view your quality manual even before the auditor has come into the lab, potentially cutting out significant downtime your lab may experience.


3.5 Tabs

On the left-hand side of the Dashboard there are tabs that help users navigate through the R18 software. The upper-most tab is the Dashboard tab, which will take you to the Dashboard at any time. Below that is the Manage Lab tab, this is used to access all the information in your lab regard your equipment, procedures, standards, and many other features. For more information see the Manage Lab section. The third tab is the Create Lab tab, which allows managers to add and create a new Satellite Lab. Refer to Create a Satellite Lab for more information. The fourth tab is the Users tab which takes you to all the users registered in your lab to use the R18 software. The organizational chart can also be viewed and edited from this tab. Refer to Users & Organizational Chart for more information. The Quality Manual tab will take managers to the quality manual for their lab. From here managers can make changes to personal, lab protocols, etc. Refer to Quality Manual for more information. The Internal Audit Report