R18LabQMS&174; Setup

Thank you for choosing R18LabQMS&174; as your solution to managing your Quality Management System. Use this section to help setup your log-in, as well as starting your initial setup of the software.


1.1 Confirming Your Account and Terms of Agreement

After receiving a confirmation of your R18LabQMS&174; software registration, proceed to set your account password by clicking on the link provided in the confirmation email. Now that a password has been setup for your account, you will be directed to the Terms of Agreement and will need to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of the software. Once terms have been acknowledged, you will also receive an email of those terms that you can refer to at any time.

Upon receipt of funds by the R18LabQMS&174; team, online or check, your subscription will be activated within 24 hours. If you attempt to login to the software before activation of the subscription, you will be taken to a page with notification that the account has not been activated yet. If you have any questions please contact Support for any help.

1.2 Using the Quality Manual Setup Wizard

When logging into the system for the first time as the Primary Lab Manager, a setup wizard will help take you through the steps of building your Quality Manual. Each step will ask for information regarding the specific section that can be filled in through the text box provided or through uploading a document. All text can be edited or formatted to a preferred style using the formatting elements above the text-box. Text from a written document can also be pasted into the text-box, be sure to use the text insert element from the formatting elements above the box.

A status bar at the top left of the screen will show your progress through the setup. If there is a section that you want to fill out later you can advance your progress by clicking save and continue to the next step. After all steps of the setup wizard have been completed, you will be directed to the Dashboard of the R18LabQMS&174; software. From here you can begin to add equipment to your inventory, add users, review or edit your Quality Manual, and much more.

Refer to the other sections of this Knowledge Base to help you at any point.