Internal Audit Report



7. Internal Audit Report



Section 5.6 Internal Audits

Section 5.6.1 The laboratory shall maintain a document describing the scope of the internal audit

This can be outlined in your Quality Manual tab on the left column and going to section 5.6.1.and hit the edit tab.

Section 5.6.2 Include frequency of review, and person responsible. Address all sections and elements of the QMS and conducted at least every 12 months by trained personnel independent of the activity being audited, where possible.

Conducting the Internal Audit Review in R18LabQMS&174;

– Click the Internal Audit Report tab on the Left column

– Click +New Internal Audit Report

You will now see the Internal Audit Report that covers both the Management Sections (5.xx) and Technical Sections (6.xx). The user can now add comments to each section by clicking add comment, click again and the comments box will be hidden if there are no comments.

At the bottom of the report the user also has the option to make general comments on the QMS for the past 12 months.

Once all comments are completed, the person conducting the internal audit review must sign or initial at the bottom of the report, and the hit Save.

When you save the document you are creating a permanent copy (PDF) of this report and will be saved and accessible by clicking the internal audit report under “Reports”.

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