Users & Organizational Chart


6. Users & Organizational Chart

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6.1 Users


6.1.1 Active Users

Active Users are all users currently registered with the R18LabQMS software. Displayed is the users name, account email, role, date account was created, and user account actions. Lab managers have full access to Edit the information of each user, as well managers can submit data for Procedure Evaluations and view previously completed evaluations in the History. Managers are also able to see whether a user has confirmed their account and completed registration.

6.1.2 Adding Users

To add a new user click + New User and enter in the information required, a resume is not required at this time as all user information and resumes can be edited or added at a later time. All user information and resumes, once uploaded, are contained in the appropriate section of Quality Manual, and can be viewed under the Quality Manual tab. After information has been saved, the email address associated with the account will be sent a confirmation email. To complete the registration the recipient must then setup a password for their account and will now have access to the software. If a confirmation email was not received or was destroyed, managers can Resend Confirmation Email. Remind new users to check their junk mail boxes in case a confirmation email was sent there. Once account is active, the user will appear on the Organization Chart and it will be up to the manage to place the user in the correct position.

6.1.3 Technician Procedure Evaluations

Each technician needs to be routinely evaluated for their competency levels on all testing standards performed in the laboratory and their records stored. The Technician Procedure Evaluations section on the Users page provides managers a way to store training and evaluation records for each technician. Managers can use the procedure evaluations for initial training and interval training of their technicians, such as quarterly or yearly.

Once a user is setup in the software, the manager can start to log evaluation records by clicking the Procedure Evaluations button across from the users name. For a new user there will not be a history of completed or incomplete evaluations, click New Procedure Evaluation to start a new evaluation for the technician. For each test a technician performs, the test will be recorded as a single entry for the evaluation. Add a new entry by first selecting the Test Method name and corresponding AASHTO and ASTM designations. Then select the Reason for the evaluation and whether the evaluation was Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory, and click ‘Add’ to complete entry. After all entries have been entered, add comments, provide a signature on the evaluation, and either Save to finish for later or Save and Complete to finalize the evaluation. If saving the evaluation for later, managers will be able to make changes or add the evaluation before submitting. Once submitted the evaluation can be reviewed at any time or generate a PDF version of the evaluation.

6.1.4 Inactive Users

The list of Inactive Users are the accounts of those who are no longer in the lab or work for the company and no longer have access to the software. To inactivate a user account, in the Users Tab select Edit and click the box next to the word Active, and save the changes. The user should now be listed as an Inactive User, and no longer displayed on the Organizational Chart.


6.2 Organizational Chart


6.2.1 Organizational Chart Information

The Organizational Chart can be viewed from multiple places in the software including the Users tab, Manage Lab tab, and within the Quality Manual. The chart is a depiction of the organizational components of the lab or company, including names and positions. As users are added or made inactive, the Primary Lab Manager (PLM) will need to organize the chart for the structure of the lab or company. Refer to the next section for editing the organizational chart.

6.2.2 Editing the Organizational Chart

As users are entered into the software they are added onto the Organizational Chart. To view and change the position of the users on the organizational chart click on Organizational Chart under the Users tab. The Organizational Chart will be displayed with all active users, click Edit Organizational Chart to then view the editing page. On the editing page click, drag, and drop users into their structure within the lab. A new level is added to the Organizational Chart when a user is dropped within another user.

When a user is made Inactive, the manager will be required to make changes to the organizational chart for each employee under the inactivated user. The employees will automatically move up one level on the chart to the next user, until they are re-positioned.