Software updates v1.6.3 and v1.6.4

Toward the end of 2014, we decided on running through several updates and upgrades to the application. These updates were broken into four stages or versions, with most of the enhancements coming from user input, as well as some from the R18LabQMS® team.

On Friday, January 9th during our scheduled maintenance, we moved the last two versions into the application. Here is a rundown of those changes made to the application, hopefully these will be beneficial to you in using the application.


Quality manual

• Generate PDFs of the individual sections of the quality manual (QM). There is a new button within each section of the QM that will allow you to download and view individual sections in PDF format. This is in addition to generating a PDF of the entire QM.

Equipment inventory information

• New information fields for equipment information. For equipment in your inventory a ‘Company Reference ID’ and ‘Equipment Nickname’ can be assigned to a piece of equipment. When using the Company Reference ID or Equipment Nickname information fields, they will appear on the dashboard with those given fields instead of Serial Number and Equipment Name. Using the Equipment Nickname field can be effective in distinguishing between multiple pieces of equipment in the laboratory.

AMRL assessor dashboard

• Improvements for the assessor log-in dashboard when requesting access to labs.


Calibration and maintenance procedures

• Signature line added to each procedure. This formalizes the PDF document when viewing a completed procedure, also ensures sign-off of all procedures.
• Multiple file upload option on all procedures. Add multiple files or certificates to procedures when performing calibrations or maintenance on equipment.