AASHTO changes to R18 2016

Changes in standards

When a laboratory takes on the task of accreditation it seems like a daunting task to initiate and maintain. Keeping up with the latest changes in standards can be easily overlooked in the process. When it comes to changes in the AASHTO R18 standard they can be subtle and be brought to your attention in the form of non-conformities during an on-site assessment, ouch.

When changes are made in AASHTO R18 we do an in-depth review and make changes as a revision update within the application. These changes are reflected in the quality manual portion of R18LabQMS and will continue to correspond to the same section numbers in AASHTO R18 which makes it easy to reference.

We are anticipating changes in the 2016 AASHTO R18 Standard and will post updates before and after this takes place.

Changes in AASHTO standards can be found on the online version by observing the red vertical line on the left with the change highlighted. Changes in ASTM standards using Compass can be found by clicking version comparisons when viewing a specific standard.

As mentioned in our last post, customizable section numbers can be added to the quality manual to give the laboratory more flexibility in their Quality Management System.

More resources

R18LabQMS is now on YouTube where you will find training videos and version updates.

Follow ASTM product updates by going to Standards Tracker

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– Gary Irvine