Customize your quality manual

Let’s focus on what makes up the Quality Manual using R18LabQMS. While there is much flexibility that we will discuss, the QMS sections are numbered and correspond
to AASHTO R18 in the management and technical sections 5 and 6.

As the standard changes the application is updated to reflect those changes which we are anticipating in the fall of 2016, stay tuned.

If your laboratory would like to add a section number with its own title customized to meet your specific needs or agency requirements, this can be done by going to the Quality Manual tab on the left, then on the top click “Add Custom QM section.”

Other quality manual options

The user has the option to create a PDF of the entire QM by clicking on PDF report. This unpacks all attached files, procedures, technician evaluations, internal audit reports, PSP sample reports and all documentation within the QM. Please note this document can be quite lengthy and should only be used at the time it’s created and not be presented to an assessor at a later date. Think of the QM as an active document that is updated on a continual basis.

Additionally, you can create PDFs within each section which can be useful when responding to non-conformities after an on-site assessment.

Recent questions by users

How do I give access to the auditor/assessor?

1. On the log in page it says “AMRL Auditors,” click “AMRL Auditor Sign Up” to set up user name and password, then log in and request to view your QMS.

2. Once the assessor/auditor makes the request to access your QMS you will receive an email informing the primary lab manager of the request. Access is granted by going to the dashboard, scroll to the bottom, AMRL Auditor Lab Access (read only, disable anytime).

How do I change the next equipment procedure dates?

Equipment procedure dates can only be changed if the cal/check/stand or maintenance procedures have never been completed on a specific piece of equipment. Once a procedure has been completed the next due date is set based on the frequency which can be changed.

Early on, the ability to change “next due date” created problems keeping procedures on track.  By locking in the next procedure date procedures stay on track going forward.


1. You can change the frequency of the procedure by going to Manage Lab/view inventory/actions/edit procedure

2. Add addenda by going to the procedure, complete anytime.

Please contact us if you are considering R18LabQMS for your laboratory and would like more detailed information including a one-on-one WebEx overview.

– Gary Irvine