Equipment procedures

In our February 29th blog earlier this year we talked about equipment inventory guidelines. I’m going to hit on a few points about equipment procedures and what is required.

Laboratories often ask how they can get started with accreditation especially when it comes to the required documentation in writing and developing a comprehensive cal/check/standard and maintenance procedures. This can be time consuming and frustrating if it’s your first time in this process.


The first thing is to review and understand the requirements of AASHTO R18 and any recommendations or guidelines provided by an accreditation body that your assessor is affiliated with.

Within the AASHTO R18 standard, several examples are given as a starting point in figure X1.10 with procedure examples; generic outlines includes purpose, equipment required, tolerance and procedure. There are a limited number of procedures included within the R18LabQMS global list of equipment. However, it is highly recommended that you review and adapt all procedures to your laboratory’s specific requirements. The standard also states that detailed written procedures are required for all in-house calibrations, standardizations, checks and maintenance.

Procedure forms

The R18LabQMS application has the ability to create forms for all procedures that can be customized to meet your laboratory’s specific requirements. Also, you can add your specific forms or documents (Excel, Word documents) that you may be currently using and make those part of the procedure that can be available whenever you complete your procedures when they become due. Additionally, you can add or attach as many supporting documents as required.

Recent questions by users

Q: When will the next round of updates be coming to the application?
A: Funny you should ask! We are now working on upgrades now that we are referring to as “2016 upgrades” that will be released on or around December 1st.

Q: Can I consolidate all of my timers into one procedure form?
A: Absolutely! In our case we have about 12 timers that are on the same frequency schedule.


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Training opportunities

Once you work through the setup process, the following links can be found in the upper right hand corner of the application;
– Knowledge Base / Help
Support – Email Us
– WebEx – Additional training, please let us know and we can set this up.
– Onsite Training – Fee-based, please inquire.


As of August 22nd it is AASHTO re:source (formerly AMRL), they have refocused and are rebranding. Their new website is AASHTOresource.org.

For all questions regarding your quality management systems whether your lab is accredited or not please contact us and learn how R18LabQMS can add value to your company.

– Gary Irvine