*New* Upgrade v1.8

Here’s what’s new with the application in v1.8…

With the end of the year fast approaching, we’re releasing a new update. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the new changes!

Quality Manual Progress Bar

Located on the Dashboard, view your progress as you complete your QM. From the progress bar you can view the sections that have yet to be completed from within the QM. Click on any of the incomplete sections and you will be directed to that section in the QM.

Email Notification Settings

The email notifications have been expanded to now include notifications for Technician Evaluations and Certifications and Misc. Notifications. The miscellaneous notifications include Internal Audit Report and Recurring Checklist notifications. These settings are similar to the equipment notifications. Select a particular user to receive notifications for either technician evaluations and certifications of another user in the application. The email notifications settings are able to be edited from the Manage Lab tab.

R18LabQMS Blog & Application News

We’re adding our R18LabQMS blog to the application to provide you with the most up-to-date news. We have also included “Application News” and “Maintenance News” which can be found on the log in page and just after logging prior to reaching the Dashboard. Any time the application is down for service or if there is some changes to the application, you can stay informed and see some helpful tips from our blog.

Certification Intervals & Emails

Intervals may now be set on certifications providing you with reminders for the next time a technician’s certification is up. The email notification will be sent 30 days prior to the evaluation date, giving you enough time to plan for that next certification course.

New for Satellite Labs

Copy Quality Manual Procedures from Primary Lab

Now have the option to copy the QM procedures and files from the Primary lab to all Satellite labs. This can be completed from during the setup process of a new lab or right from the QM within the Satellite lab.

Assign Users to Multiple Labs

All users will now have access to any lab within the company that the user has been assigned to. We have added a “Manage All User” section from with the Manage Lab section that will allow the managers to select which users will have access to specific labs. The user will have a “Main Lab” or default lab that they will be assigned to along with their position description. If users position description changes between labs, a position description can be added for each specific lab.

Equipment Procedures

Procedures created by any lab within the company are able to be copied over into another lab. Now, when adding a new piece of equipment or editing a piece of equipment, a Calibration, Check, Standardization or Maintenance procedure may be copied and used from another lab.

We’re always listening on new ideas, so send us your feedback! If you’ve noticed the changes to AASHTO R18-2016, we currently working to release an update to make sure you’re compliant with the revision to the standard and with your accreditation. Look for that in early 2017!