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User Guide – 1.2 Users and Password

Setting up your laboratory subscription with R18LabQMS will include the laboratory Name, Address, and the first user who will have a Primary Lab Manager (PLM) role. More on User Roles under Login and User Tab. When logging in, the User will be the email address.

All  users initially added to the application will receive an email from service@r18labqms.com with a link to create a personal password when logging in.  Please note the password requirements: 

As of March 15th 2021, passwords will be 8-70 characters with upper and lower case letters and numbers. You may keep your current password, however, when it is changed, the new password requirements apply.

Please note: if it appears the initial email was not received, check your clutter folder, trash bin, or do a search within those folders for “r18labqms”. Also, IT departments within organizations sometimes will block unknown sources. If this is the case, let them know you will be receiving future emails from @r18labqms.com.