User Guide Table of Contents

R18LabQMS User Guide

Starting with the setup process in R18LabQMS, you will find answers to your questions and descriptions to each section within the User Guide. Use the tabs offered to search through topics and subtopics to help find what you need to build your Quality Manual, including setting up your Inventory and much more. 


User and Password

Setting up your laboratory subscription to R18LabQMS will include the laboratory name and address and the first user added by the admin who will have a Primary Lab Manager (PLM) role; more on User Roles under Login and User Tab. When logging in, the User will be the email address.


All  users added to the application will receive an email from service@r18labqms.com with a link to create their password when logging in.  


Please note: if it appears the initial email was not received, check your clutter folder, trash bin, or do a search within those folders for “r18labqms”. Also, IT departments within organizations sometimes will block unknown sources, if this is the case let them know you will be receiving future emails from @r18labqms.com.


Login Page

Once login credentials have been created by the PLM, click Login or http://app.r18labqms.com to access the login page. If this is the first time for any user to be accessing the application, a terms of service will be required to accept. This is done on an annual basis for each user when the subscription is renewed. 


Application News

News of item updates and alerts for users from the R18LabQMS team that can include downtime due to maintenance, upgrades, etc.


Assessor Sign Up

Assessors can create an account (from the login page) and request to view a user’s Quality Management System prior to an on-site assessment that is permission based and read only access.


Create an Assessor Account

Click the “Assessor Sign Up”  tab. Once the assessor creates an account they can go back to the Login page to log in.  Assessors can then select a laboratory to request access to the users Quality Manual. Only when the user of the requested laboratory grants access to the assessor can they view the Quality Manual. The user can then disable that access at any time. The Primary Lab Manager will receive an email notification of this request as well as on their Dashboard when logging in.

User Guide: Table of Contents