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User Guide – 10.1  Managing Users

Initially, in the process of setting up new R18LabQMS accounts the first user is added by the (R18LabQMS) admin as a Primary Lab Manager (PLM, role) so they can begin the setup process and add users.

When users are added they will receive an confirmation email from service@r18labqms.com with a link to create their password, If a confirmation email was not received or was deleted, Primary Lab Managers and Lab Managers (roles) can resend the confirmation email within the users content by going to ‘view’, and then click Resend Email Confirmation.

Remind new users to check their junk and clutter folders in case a confirmation email was sent there. Once a new user is active, they can then go to the login page to access the application. Once users are added, roles can be changed only by the PLM, or Lab Manager (LM, role).