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User Guide – 10.6 User Roles Defined

Primary Lab Manager

Each primary lab will have at least one PLM who will have full access to manage and maintain the R18LabQMS software. PLMs are the only roles that have access to both the primary and satellite labs.

Lab Manager

The lab manager manages and maintains all features within the specific lab he/she has been added to.

Lab Technician

The lab technician has access to only the dashboard, procedure history, and QM (read-only and unable to open links) and can enter data and complete procedure calibrations or maintenance forms within the specific lab he/she has been added to.

Senior Technician

Allows the senior technician to navigate through the equipment Inventory including adding and editing equipment inventory and procedures.

Senior Manager

The senior manager can view with read-only access the procedure history, QM and internal audit reports for all labs within the company.


A non-user does not have access to the application. The best example of this role is a person that is part of the ownership and management structure within the company that does not work directly in the laboratory and would be included in the organizational chart.