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User Guide – 3.2 Header navigation

  • Starting on the upper left corner of the header is the company logo that can be added simply by going to the Manage Lab Tab and clicking edit (company) info; the Manage Lab Tab will be covered in section 3.
  • Moving to the right is the name of the lab currently logged into, and just below the lab name is the link “change lab” to select the (satellite) lab lab to navigate to. Please note if you don’t have satellite lab accounts, this will not apply.
  • Search the Quality Management System by using the magnifying glass
  • Notification Bell
  • User Profile; Change password, email, and add a user signature (file) to be used anywhere where there’s a signature option for completing forms and procedures. If this option is not implemented, the person completing the form/procedure will type in their name in lieu of the signature file.