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User Guide – 3.5 Widget Types and Descriptions

  • Past Due

This is related to cal.check.standard.check equipment procedures that are past due and need immediate attention.. Each procedure will have a due date, description, and serial number. Past due procedures will be in red. On all procedures on each widget you can click and go to the procedure form to complete

  • Approaching Deadlines

This is related to cal.check.standard.check equipment procedures that are coming due to be completed. Each procedure will have a due date, description, and serial number. Approaching deadline procedures will be in yellow. On all procedures on each widget you can click and go to the procedure form to complete.

  • Completed Procedures

A listing of the last 10 completed procedures; when expanded by clicking  the slanted arrows(upper right of widget), you can select the date range for completed procedures; the last 7, 15, 30, 60, or 90 days. To view completed procedures, click desired. 

  • QM Completion

There is a large green % value that indicates the Quality Manual complete percentage; on the lower left of the QM widget, there is a number for complete sections within the QM, on the right, incomplete. Each has the “view” option that will then have a popout on the right with a list of either complete or incomplete sections within your QM that you will be able to click and complete or edit. It’s important to note that for a section to be considered completed, all that’s required is a single digit or letter, no required number for either.

  • Recurring Checklist

This is a listing of all sections within your QM that appear on the Recurring Checklist Widget; frequency of sections appearing will be determined by clicking the slanted arrows (widget will then expand). There will be a listing of all upcoming checklist items with dismiss actions to complete (no action needed), appear every month, 3 months, 6 months. Clicking on a section will take you to that activity within the QM. The purpose is to review all areas within the QM for completeness and keeping updated.

  • Assessor Lab Access

Here, you will find accessors requesting access to your QM primarily to view just prior to an on-site assessment. Within this widget, if there is a request you can either accept or deny access; once access is granted you can remove access from this widget. A listing of any and all access granted will be listed here. Important to note; access is strictly view only to the QM and procedure history and can be denied at any point.

Here’s a step-by-step process for assessors “requesting access”.

  • 1) The assessor will need to go to www.r18labqms.com, then click “assessor sign-up” to create an Assessor Login and password.
  • 2)  Their account login credentials will be their email address, and password they created.
  • 3) The assessor will then be able to log into the application through the same log in page www.r18labqms.com.
  • 4) Once the assessor logs in, they have their own Dashboard where they can select a laboratory and request permission from the lab to view their Quality Manual.
  • 5)  The Primary Lab Manager for the account will receive an email of the request, also the request will be on the Dashboard widget (assessor access),  as well as on the Manage Lab Tab section of the application.
  • Once access is granted by the PLM, the access to the accessor is view only without the ability to make any changes or edits; access can be denied at any time by going to the Dashboard or Manage Lab Tabs.
  • Application Shortcuts

This widget is customized by adding shortcuts from areas within the application; simply go to the page you would like to have a shortcut added and find “ + Add to Shortcuts” on the top right corner, and click. You will then be able to give that shortcut a custom name that will be listed on your widget shortcut listing.  

  • News & Announcements

The last 10 blogs will be listed by title, date, and type, other application news will also appear here.

  • QMS Reports
    • Upcoming or Reports due included under the “Reports Tab”; 
    • External Assessments;
    • Customer Complaints
    • PSP Reports
    • Corrective Actions
    • Internal Audit Reports
    • Management Reviews 
  • Training

This will include upcoming technician initial training and evaluation notifications and listing.