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User Guide – 4.3 Left Hand Column

  1. Edit Information; Manage/edit laboratory information; name, address, company logo
  1. Email Notifications 

Customized and managed by the Primary Lab Manager (PLM) or Lab Manager (LM roles). There are 3 Tabs/Notification types to manage;

  • Equipment and Procedures:

Calibrations/checks/standardizations/maintenance procedure notifications are sent out each Monday morning that are Past Due; Coming due this week, Due next week, Due in 3 weeks, due in 4 weeks. This gives the user a 30 day snapshot of all past due and procedures due in 30 days.  On the left hand column click the desired equipment category, all equipment will expand down. Users will be listed across the top. You will then be able to assign specific pieces of equipment each user is responsible for on their weekly email list. Also note if you would like a user to receive all equipment notifications within that category, click the box right below their name (category name row). 

  • Technician Evaluations and Certifications
    • Discussion with Evan on tuesday May 4th;
    • Email notifications, for evaluations and certifications it is: PLM, LM, Lab Tech, and Non User.   
    • For Miscellaneous it is: PLM, LM, Lab Tech, Sr M,
    • For equipment it is also PLM, LM, Lab Tech, and SrM
  • Miscellaneous Notifications
  1. Allow admin access; This is an alert to the R18LabQMS Team notifying us to view your QM for evaluation, or for a potential bug or issue you may be having; the options include a timeframe up to 72 hours. Please note the developers and the R18LabQMS Team have access, however only for specific reasons that may include but not limited to bug fixes or questions. That said, access is typically only made by the request of the user.
  1. Inspection Date; Here you can input your last onsite assessment date, and your next estimated onsite assessment date; this is done by clicking the edit button.
  1. Subscription; Active dates for your paid subscription.
  1. Satellite Labs; Number of active satellite labs under your Primary Lab; in order to activate a Satellite Lab you must have a paid subscription.
  1. Users; This is a summary of all active users, including Primary Lab Managers (role). Users can be managed by clicking view/edit which will take you to the users tab, detailed in section 9, Users and Organizational Chart in the user’s guide.
  1. Assessors; Here you will see the number of approved assessors and requests. This can be managed by clicking view/edit, then either grant or deny access. Please note that all access is view only to the Quality Manual and the Procedure History Tab, access can be denied and managed at any time.