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User Guide – 5.2 Header Navigation

Pdf export

This option allows the laboratory to create the most current (uncontrolled) copy of their Quality Manual in pdf format.

Note: An Uncontrolled Copy is an informal copy of a document for which no attempt is made to update it after distribution.

Table of Contents

By clicking on the table of contents tab, a navigation bar pops out on the right side listing all sections numerically and title; click anywhere within that section and you will be taken to that part of your Quality Manual. Also within the navigation bar is a search box to easily find specific areas of your QM.

Custom Sections

All sections that are in your QM are set to reflect the most current version of AASHTO R18; sections that require procedures or documentation of records.

You can also create Custom Section for any number of reasons

+ Add To Shortcuts

You can add a shortcut to the Dashboard widget by clicking + Add To Shortcuts, by doing this it will give you the opportunity to add a custom shortcut name that will appear on your Dashboard widget.