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User Guide – 5.5 Management Sections

5.1 – Quality Management System (QMS)

5.2 – Provide summary documents for your laboratory QMS, Ex. AAP Accreditation Certificate, Criteria Compliance Documents, etc.

5.3 – Organization

5.3.1 – Company’s Legal Name and Address

5.3.2 – Ownership and Management Structure

Within this section you will not see an edit button; management personnel listed here are done when creating a Lab Position (job description) specific to your company/Lab; when doing so there will be a checkbox that will say ‘This is part of the Ownership/Managerial Structure’. Adding those Lab Positions to a user’s profile will then automatically be placed into this section.

5.3.3 – Organizational Chart 

The 2 buttons on the left; 

  • Edit Organizational Chart,
  • PDF export can be done in the chart (as shown) or table format. The Table format option is meant for large Organizational Charts.

Just below the the 2 buttons, you will see last edited date

On the right you will see zoom in/out 

Edit the Organizational Chart;

View / Modify (click)

5.4 – Staff

5.4.1 – Position Descriptions

5.4.2 – Employee Resumes

5.4.3 – Technical Manager and Individual Named in Their Absence

5.4.4 – QMS Management

5.5 – Technician Training and Evaluation

5.5.1 – Laboratory Training Procedure(s) for Laboratory Personnel – Included in the procedure(s), indicate employee(s) or position(s) responsible for training and maintaining procedure(s)

5.5.2 – Procedure To Evaluate Staff Competency – To test the qualifications of technicians for the tests they perform.

5.5.4 – Technician Training Evaluation Report Records

5.5.5 – Technician Certifications

5.6 – Internal Audits

5.6.1 – Procedure for Conducting an Internal Audit

5.6.3 – Internal Audit Report Records

5.7 – Management Reviews

5.7.1 – Procedure for Conducting a Management Review

5.7.2 – Completed Management Review Records

5.8 – Corrective Actions

5.8.1 – Procedure for Implementing Corrective Actions – Areas for corrective action implementation include: internal audits, customer complaints, equipment calibrations, standardizations, checks and maintenance, external assessments, and proficiency sample testing Corrective Action Records

5.8.2 – Procedure for Handling Customer Complaints – Customer Complaint Records

5.9 – Records Retention

5.9.1 – Policy and Procedure for Retention, Storage and Disposal of Records