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User Guide – 6.4 Adding procedures to equipment

After equipment has been added to the inventory, you can now add procedures to each piece of equipment. 

  • Within the Inventory tab, click View on the right-hand column,

Then after details of that piece of equipment are visible, on the left-hand column there will be 3 options; 1) edit Info and Procedures 2) Perform Procedures 3) Take Out of Service

  • Click Edit Info and Procedures
  • There will be a pop-out on the right-hand side titled Edit Equipment Records, within the pop-out you will find 2 tabs 1) Equipment Details 2) Procedures, click Procedures.
  • To add a procedure, click + Add Procedure on the bottom right.
  • There will be 3 options.
    • Add Existing Procedure already created without making any changes to the procedure information. Use this option when you are trying to use the same procedure for same or similar pieces of equipment, i.e., Ovens or Thermometers.
    • Make a copy of a procedure that will be like to the original but may have a different frequency or specification requirements than the original procedure. This is useful when you have a piece of equipment that requires two different calibrations with differing frequencies or calibration requirements.
    • Create a new procedure from one of the Procedure Types – Calibration, Standardization, Check or Maintenance. Make the procedure unique or generic by utilizing the Application Form Creator or upload an In-House Procedure already being used in your laboratory.
  • When creating a new procedure:
    • Name (required field)
    • Type: Calibration, Check, Standardization, Maintenance Procedure
    • ID 
    • Frequency (check the AASHTO R18 Standard for minimums)
    • Reference Standards
    • Upload in-house procedures if desired; these are typically templates developed and used by the laboratory using spreadsheets, Word documents, or PDF’s, available when performing a procedure located in the upper right-hand corner of the procedure form.
    • Description of the procedure
  • When details of a New Procedure are completed, you can then click Save Procedure and Create Form (bottom right)

All Equipment Procedure forms will have 4 default form elements:

  • Measurement Standard
    • Non-working equipment used for in-house calibrations (tagged equipment in inventory
  • Multiple File Upload Option
    • Supporting documentation/in-house procedure forms used as templates
  • Signature
    • Either type signature
    • If the signature file was uploaded in the ‘profile’, upper right, click the box under the signature field labeled Sign Using Your Signature Image.
  • Date Completed on
    • Click on the calendar and select date the procedure was completed
    • This date will determine when the next procedure appears on your Dashboard, i.e., frequency 12 months.

Adding form elements

  • After clicking Save Procedure and Create Form (bottom right) from the New Procedure are completed, you are now taken to the page to create additional form elements in addition to the existing 4 as described above.
  • Add a form element by clicking + New Field (upper right), here you will find 6 options:
    • Checkbox with a title/description option
    • Inline Text with a description/data field
    • WYSIWYG Text Box used for a procedure description/comments box
    • Title
    • Empty Line
    • Outside Testing Agency with the option for the name.
  • All form elements can be edited, moved around the form, or removed.
  • Once completed, Save Form bottom right.

There are no limitations to the number of procedures to be added to a piece of equipment.