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User Guide – 9.2 Create technician training and evaluation records

  • Go to the Evaluations Tab, at the top you will see ‘New Technician Evaluation’.
  • You will then be asked;
    • User to evaluate
    • Evaluator(s), there are 2 options here; internal employee, or outside evaluator, click one option then select evaluator.
  • Then on the lower right, click begin evaluation.
  • A dialog box will then pop up asking ‘Import Technician Evaluation Records from Last Evaluation?’
    • This is especially useful when a technician record has multiple test records and categories, please note that actual training dates are required for each test standard in order to complete the evaluation form.
  • After selecting to import records (or not), the evaluator will then be taken to the New Technician Evaluation Form builder. A few notes as you create a new record;
    • Reason; Initial (new training record), or recurrent (periodic evaluation, typically 12 months)
    • Standard for Evaluation, AASHTO, ASTM, State, Other; when selecting, only Standards will appear for that specific test.
    • Test Category; select
    • Test; only the tests will appear within the category selected
    • Completed Date: training, evaluation occurred.
    • Results; satisfactory or unsatisfactory.
    • Evaluator; option to change for each specific test.
    • Comments, yes/no; a WYSIWYG box will appear if selecting yes.
    • + Save New Evaluation Record; when all the required fields are completed  (in red with an*) you will be able to complete this individual record.
  • Note: all new evaluation records will be saved/categorized in their respective categories, i.e. aggregate.
  • When adding all records is completed for this technician, click Continue Report > on the bottom right, you will be taken to the next page to finalize this report, on this page you will find;
    • General comments
    • The option to upload a document for supporting documentation
    • Signature line 
    • Completed date
    • Evaluation intervals (in months)
    • Save Progress, or Save and complete.
  • When completing a training or evaluation record, it will appear under the Evaluation Tab/user, and the Quality Manual Tab, section 5.5.4 Technician Training Evaluation Report Records.