R18LabQMS officially launched March 1, 2013

Gary Irvine

Gary Irvine

After the participation of five beta laboratories including AMRL, and the dedication of the design and development team R18LabQMS was launched March 1, 2013 – on schedule. The reception has been nothing less than incredible as laboratories are seeing the value going forward.

Who can benefit by implementing R18LabQMS?

This application was designed to be used as a Quality Management System for construction material laboratories in all disciplines that meets the criteria of AASHTO R18. Any of the following laboratories will benefit from using R18LabQMS;

• Laboratories that are not yet accredited, but working towards accreditation
• Currently accredited laboratories
• Any laboratory that would like to implement a Quality Management System (QMS)
• State Required Quality Management Systems for laboratories

Purpose of a QMS

Quality management systems are designed to satisfy customer requirements and produce higher quality products and services. It’s a management system, which is primarily a path to enhance the quality of your business.

Most laboratories that maintain a QMS use various methods of maintaining their quality manual and keeping up with periodic maintenance and calibrations records. Management of these documents include the use of excel, word, outlook, and some will just use numerous folders that can rapidly become confusing and unorganized.

Record keeping is the lifeblood of any QMS system and must be maintained in an organized fashion. Having multiple locations and reminder systems can not only make this a difficult task but puts your accreditation status in jeopardy.

There are a few software solutions out there that can be customized to manage a QMS; this takes time and a significant investment.

We believe R18LabQMS is the best solution for construction material laboratories that need or require a QMS, it’s easy to use with its intuitive set-up process, and the dashboard makes it easy to maintain all lab specific information including equipment calibrations & maintenance.

What makes an effective QMS?

• Easy access for all laboratory personnel
• Intuitive
• Email reminders
• Dashboard for quick review
• Summary for upcoming events
• All in one location
• Web based

Talk to us in person at the following upcoming events

Gary Irvine is the project manager on R18LabQMS and will be attending AAPT in Denver, CO April 7-10 and at the Asphalt Institute Spring Meeting in Charleston, SC April 10-12. If you would like to see a demo or discuss further at either of these meetings, contact Gary via text, email or call at 859-221-2605, email: girvine@asphaltinstitute.org