Post-launch feedback from users

Since our launch on March 1st, we now have over a dozen laboratories that are currently using R18LabQMS. Our beta testing phase went from January through March with excellent feedback. Now with the number of users growing, the feedback has really helped us focus on finalizing issues that remain.

The current release is referred to as v1.0 and will be indicated on the footer of the application. We have compiled a list of what we refer to as “must haves” and will be released in v1.5 before the end of July.

The feature that really seems to be a big hit is the weekly email reminders on Monday mornings received by the primary lab managers, managers and technicians of all procedures coming due. Because of this, the technicians at the Asphalt Institute are reminded of procedures and complete them on time, which makes it easy keeping the quality manual current.

AMRL on-site inspections
There have been several on-site inspections with AMRL assessors interacting with R18LabQMS that has provided excellent feedback with functionality that is being addressed in v1.5. We are considering this phase as super beta as we make critical updates and perform maintenance items in the upcoming months.

Please watch for our weekly blog posts that will cover a myriad of topics from life in the laboratory, accreditation, user comments and the future of R18LabQMS, and much more.

So please join us as we make this amazing journey in the development of a product that has been a long time coming!

Gary Irvine

Gary Irvine