Not using the right tools can be costly

Gary Irvine

Gary Irvine

Have you ever considered a project without the best tools available at home or your office?

Let’s look at an example of trying to maintain a nice yard with two acres to cut, and don’t forget all the peripheral trimming that might be involved to really do an effective job in a reasonable period of time. If you had a (hand) push mower and a pair of hand clippers this would be an impossible task. Some may still try. Others may say let’s get a good gas-powered walk behind mower, and an electric weed eater in an attempt to save a little and compromise on the best tools available.

Is this the best decision and compromise on using the best tools? Let’s take a look at our illustration: using the best equipment in maintaining a two-acre yard will save a person countless hours and frustration not to mention a much nicer end results!

Let’s look at the professional engineer that is required to write reports, maintain a research laboratory with its entire inventory and is responsible for a staff of 10. What tools would they need to effectively and professionally do their job?

Today’s fast-paced environment

Engineering professionals must maintain effective management tools that include the best hardware, software applications, and procedures to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Looking back

One of the first pocket calculators was named the “Pocketronic”, circa 1971 selling for just under $400, a four function, hand-held, printing calculator with the only display being the printed tape running out of the side of the machine.

Tools used over 40 years ago would not be effective with today’s professional environment and would be very costly. Are you using the best tools available?