September R18LabQMS update

By Gary Irvine

After reviewing feedback from users, there has been an upgrade to the R18LabQMS application. Since our initial launch on March 1, 2013 we have been listening closely to make this the best product available in the industry. In the fourth quarter of 2013 we plan another update so please continue to send your feedback as we proceed to make improvements.

September 2013 v1.5 upgrades include:

1. Unique IDs –  Manage Lab/view inventory/edit equipment inventory record (on dropdown)

2. Equipment Location – Manage Lab/view inventory/edit equipment inventory record (on dropdown)

3. Take equipment out of inventory if there has not been a procedure completed – Manage Lab/view inventory/Actions (remove option)

4. Equipment Inventory, dropdown menu edits – Manage Lab/view inventory

5. Employee procedure evaluations – Test category/tests listed/AASHTO & ASTM automatically populated, comments on each procedure in addition to general comments; Users/Procedure Evaluation

6.  AMRL Lab Assessor view – Assessor now able to quickly view all equipment procedures in a folder format on one page to view and verify.

7. Procedures – Save Progress/Save and Complete

8. Addendum to all procedures – Maintenance & cal/check/standard – all completed procedures have this option – Manage Lab/view inventory/procedures (from dropdown menu)

9. Add History – Manage Lab/view inventory/procedures (from dropdown menu), upload completed procedures.

10. Print Blank Procedures – Manage Lab/view inventory/procedures, top left of form, “download blank form”.


1. Version number on footer

2. Create Lab; Removed from left navigation bar, moved to Manage Lab “add satellite lab”

3. Sort columns on tables

4. Internal Audit Reports; you can now add comments on each section.

5. New equipment in inventory; past procedure dates, example would be if a new piece of equipment is  placed into inventory and was calibrated by an outside source and calibrated before arriving to the lab.