Optimal browsers to use for R18LabQMS

By Gary Irvine

We all have our favorite web browsers, but let’s take a look at the best for optimal performance when using R18LabQMS.

There are four main and most commonly used browsers, however for best performance it is highly recommended that users use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when possible. If you are an Apple user, Safari works well. We discourage using Internet Explorer, namely versions 8 and before as we have had numerous reported issues from users.

Let’s take a closer look

Not all browsers are created equal. Different browsers can render web pages differently, and there can be a large disparity in performance between the top competitors. The three main things to consider when choosing an internet browser are simplicity, speed and security.

Competition among browsers is more fierce than ever. Chrome and Firefox release 72 new versions every week, Microsoft has redesigned Internet Explorer to make it finger-friendly.

Useful information

5 keyboard shortcuts every computer user needs to know

CTRL+S (Save)

CTRL+Z (Undo)

CTRL+C (Copy), CTRL+V (Paste)

CTRL++ (Zoom in)

CTRL+ALT+DEL (also known as “the 3-finger salute”) or CMD+OPT+ESC (OS X) Task Manager