Dashboard equipment due dates

Maintenance and Cal/Check/Standard Procedure due dates on equipment has been one of the hottest topics since the launch of R18LabQMS, and yes there have been changes since v1.0 with more in the works.

Due dates are initially set when adding a piece of equipment into your lab inventory as the “next procedure date” that is driven by the frequency procedure. Procedures will appear on the dashboard under “approaching deadline” on the yellow tabs as the due date nears. Once a procedure goes beyond the due date, it will remain on the dashboard as a red tab under “needs attention” section until completed.

Once a procedure has been completed, the “next due date” is based off the date the last procedure was completed. Any new procedure cannot be completed until 30 days prior to the next due date. With that being said, addenda can be completed anytime. This may be necessary in the event a piece of equipment failed to meet the requirements of the cal/check/standard or the equipment was taken out of service and maintenance or cal/check/standard documentation is required.

New feature coming in near future update

We are working with our development team on an update for entering a “Procedure Completed Date” that would give you the option to select the date that the procedure was actually completed. We received feedback from several users that they do not typically record or enter the information into the software until end of week or end of month. For instance, if you completed a procedure on 1/14/2014 and did not have the opportunity to enter in the data until 2/4/2014, you will have the option with the new feature to select the date of completion which is 1/14/2014 and the software would know to use that date to drive the frequency schedule.

Updates coming soon stay tuned!

Please contact us for any comments or questions.

Gary Irvine