Criteria compliance document due

If your laboratory is accredited with AMRL, it’s that time of year to complete your Criteria Compliance Document (CCD.)is due on or before May 31, 2014. The CCD is an annual review of your organizational structure, along with other basic laboratory and personnel information.

Where can I find this document?

Log-in to your account at AMRL.net and go to “my tab.” This is where all interaction and activity happens from basic information about your laboratory to reviewing proficiency samples with AMRL.

Completing your CCD document

Once you’re on “my tab”, go to Accreditation Events (top left), click on the green “+” within the envelope next to Annual Review. Complete the CCD and submit.

Maintaining AASHTO accreditation

Unlike other accreditation or certification programs, AASHTO accreditation does not expire as long as your laboratory actively and effectively participates. AASHTO accreditation is a continuous process of laboratory quality improvement. Accreditation remains active as long as your laboratory is effectively participating in the programs and continues to comply with the AASHTO Accreditation Program. If your laboratory ceases to comply with the requirements, accreditation will be suspended and will ultimately be revoked unless your laboratory can demonstrate compliance.

– Gary Irvine