Amazing journey

This has been an amazing journey since the launch on March 1, 2013 with version 1.0. There are currently laboratories in 25 states including one international laboratory that has integrated R18LabQMS. Along this journey we have listened to users for improvements and upgrades.

We are currently in the process of our third upgrade to version 1.6.0 which will be released the end of August 2014.

A sneak peek of what’s coming:

• enhanced layout and formatting of forms

• assign emails reminders for cal/check/standard and maintenance procedures

• continued maintenance items

Just to recap the requirements for accreditation with AMRL

• Establish and maintain a quality management system by one of two methods, written or electronic form,

• Participate in a proficiency sample program.

• Be available for an on-site inspection by an AMRL assessor every 18 to 24 months.

The purpose of R18LabQMS is to establish and maintain a standardized Quality Management System (QMS) that is available to all laboratory staff in one central location.

Most laboratories use various methods of maintaining their documentation, some use Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and filing cabinets that could be very confusing and ultimately are misplaced.

A quality management system is meant to be a resource of established procedures for a specific laboratory and to maintain all documentation and procedures for a 5 year history of maintenance and cal/check/standard documents.

What does the future holds for R18LabQMS?

While we do continuous maintenance work and minor upgrades to the application, we have at least one significant upgrade annually based on user experience and feedback. The next major upgrade is scheduled for 2015.

As a user the best way to be part of changes and upgrades is to actively use the application and send constructive ideas for improvement to the R18LabQMS management team at service@r18labqms.com.

– Gary Irvine