AASHTO R18 changes for 2014

The 34th Edition of Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing, and the AASHTO Provisional Standards, 18th Edition is now available for pre-order by going to bookstore.transportation.org, search item HM-34-M.

When changes and updates are made to a standard

The easiest way to identify changes in any AASHTO standard is the vertical lines on the left hand side of the document indicating a change within that section. One of the most common questions we hear is: “If the AASHTO R18 standard changes, will my Quality Manual in the R18LabQMS application automatically update?” The simple answer to that is, “yes.” When changes are made to the AASHTO R18 standard, the R18LabQMS application will also be modified to reflect those changes without the loss of any information.

Changes in the R18 Standard

The news on the street is there will be no changes for AASHTO R18 in 2014. When changes are made we will update the appropriate sections in the application and list any changes on the blog. Users should additionally review the standard and make the appropriate updates for each section.

 – Gary Irvine