Software Update v1.6.0

On Friday, Sept. 12, we released R18LabQMS version 1.6.0 with improvements and upgrades to the software. After working on a few of the features after launch, here is a full description of each new or enhanced feature within the application.

Changes to PDFs

• All PDFs in the application have been updated with a new and enhanced look. This includes: Maintenance & Cal/Check/Standard Complete and Blank Procedures, Technician Evaluations and the Internal Audit Report.

Expansion of test methods list & technician evaluations

• In the Test Methods category under Manage Lab, the Test Methods now list designations for ‘State’ and ‘Other.’ Other being standards that do not fall under ASTM, AASHTO or state designations.

• Technician evaluations have accounted for the changes to the Test Method category and evaluations can be performed on ‘State’ or ‘Other’ specifications.

• See the changes to the Technician Evaluations under the Users.

User email notifications

• You are now able to select users to receive email notifications on specific pieces of equipment. You can manage these notifications any time by going to the Email Notifications under the Manage Lab tab, or when adding a piece of equipment select the people who you want to receive email notification.

• Weekly summary emails will now have past due events, as well as a four-week summary of procedures that are upcoming for calibration or maintenance.

• There are now email notifications reminding PLMs of upcoming technician evaluations, recurring checklist items and internal audit reports.

• You will need to access the Email Notifications feature to select which users receive notifications.

Laboratory access for administrators

• This allows temporary access, up to 72 hours, to the administrator to resolve any problems or bugs that you may be experiencing.

• Once access has been granted, an R18LabQMS administrator is notified and will be able to quickly troubleshoot the problem and relay any issues back to our development team. Access can be disabled at any time and will expire after the set time.

• This feature is available under the Manage Lab tab, within laboratory information.

AMRL on-site inspection date

• If your are an accredited lab you can now keep track of your on-site inspections; when they happen, as well as upcoming inspections. You can maintain this by going into the Manage Lab tab and click Edit Lab Information.

Thanks for reading!

– Zack McKay