Managing the Equipment in Your Inventory

Recently you may have noticed some changes in your equipment inventory where we have added some better descriptors for your equipment. The fields are designed to help you better identify your equipment by providing ‘Nicknames’ or secondary names to your equipment. These nicknames are displayed throughout the application and supersede the equipment name. So, unless you’re really good with remembering long alphanumeric numbering, providing a nickname, designation or some other identifier is a helpful way of keeping equipment records organized especially when dealing with duplicate or pieces of equipment.

For instance, in our asphalt binder lab we have three identical Dynamic Shear Rheometers, that only differ in serial number which we simply nickname Left, Right, and Center within the application. This helps the technicians know which equipment to work on and complete the proper records. It also helps assessors to move through the equipment records quickly making for a more efficient on-site inspection.

Another field we added similar to the last is a Reference ID. This may be important for those laboratories and companies that keep internal numbering on equipment for accounting purposes or general record keeping.

Though these additions to the application may have been minor, adding these fields gives you greater flexibility within the application, as well as makes managing your QMS much easier.


We are always looking for feedback from our users, if you have any comments, suggestions, or general inquiries about the application contact us by visiting our Contact page.

Zack McKay