Software Update — v1.6.6

Today @ noon, we’re releasing a version update on the application, v1.6.6. Here is what’s included:

Laboratory Inventory
– New tabs for the equipment inventory table that sort equipment based on equipment testing categories.
– In and out-of-service is now separated within the inventory list. To view equipment in or out-of-service simply click on the toggle to change view.
– Now be able to provide documentation, as well as date equipment are taken out of service. Option to document calibration and date for equipment put back into service.

Procedure History Tab
– Service records for equipment In/Out-of-Service are now stored for each piece of equipment.
– In the case of a calibration or maintenance procedure being completed incorrectly, Primary Lab Managers and Lab Managers may now remove history from the Procedure History tab. This restores all due dates to the previous complete-by procedure dates.

If you have feedback that you want to send us or comments to improve the application, just head over to our Contact page and we will be happy hear from you.

More updates to come throughout the year…

Zack McKay