Adding equipment – procedures specific to your lab

Adding equipment to your laboratory’s inventory involves procedures for both cal/check/standard and maintenance. It’s important to review and understand the process and make changes to procedures that meet your laboratory’s requirements.

The global list

When adding equipment from the global list they have system-generated procedures that were designed to meet the requirements of AASHTO R18. It is highly recommended that all procedures are reviewed and edited if required before their due dates. Once a piece of equipment has been added, the system-generated procedures can be edited by going to manage lab / view inventory, and on the right-hand side use the action’s drop-down menu and select either edit cal/check/standard or maintenance procedure. These system-generated procedures can also be replaced by procedures you create in the application. Any new equipment added to the global list by you will need to have procedures assigned before being able to complete procedures.

Using your procedure document

You may want to continue using procedure documents (Excel, Word, etc.) that your laboratory has used for years in lieu of the system-generated procedures. This is easily done by adding that generic procedure file to that equipment’s procedure. This is done by going to manage lab / view inventory and on the right hand side use the action’s drop-down menu and select either edit cal/check/standard or maintenance procedure. At the bottom of edit equipment procedure you can add a file where it says in-house procedure.

It’s important to note that the system-generated procedure can be used in conjunction with your in-house procedure. Also, any supporting files can be included, i.e. calibration documents from an outside vendor.

Frequency of procedure

This can be changed from the edit equipment procedure page. All standard frequencies are taken from AASHTO R18.

AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials Annual Meeting August 2-7, 2015, Pittsburgh, PA

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– Gary Irvine