R18LabQMS training opportunities

Q&As: WebEx, e-mails and calls

When your laboratory becomes a user of R18LabQMS it comes with access to the management team that includes e-mail and phone consulting, and WebEx online conference overviews as necessary. Additionally, there is a knowledge base that can be accessed once you are in the application by going to the upper right hand corner and clicking “help.”

Your R18LabQMS subscription includes all that support without any extra fees. But at times, you may recognize that you need more detailed support than can be provided by a simple Q&A. In those instances, we would be glad to provide you a consulting estimate to help meet your specific training needs.

On-site training and QMS set-up

We are now offering on-site training for new and existing users to help kick-start the set-up process of their Quality Management System. When requested, we schedule a full day of training to help you learn the software and complete each section of your quality manual. While the R18LabQMS software is intuitive and walks you through each section, this is a great opportunity to fast-track the set-up process and have the opportunity to ask us questions in a face-to-face setting.

Periodic remote QMS reviews

In preparation for an inspection by AMRL, an R18LabQMS customer recently asked if we could review their quality manual. The experience left us believing that there may be other users who could benefit from this type of independent review. So, we are now offering this service that would include a complete review and a letter report detailing any observations and potential non-conformities for your laboratory. QMS reviews can potentially save countless hours annually by keeping your quality manual updated. This can be a one-time review prior to an on-site assessment by the accreditation agency or can be performed on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. With R18LabQMS, the review can be done remotely by giving us (the R18LabQMS team) permission to conduct the review (much like an inspector). You can do this easily by clicking on the “Manage Lab” tab.

For both on-site training and QMS reviews, please contact us for quotes. We’ll be happy to provide an estimate.


Version 1.7.0 will be released on or about December 1, 2015. We will be outlining the upcoming upgrade in our next blog that will include a link with a video tutorial.

For all questions regarding quality management systems for your laboratory – whether your lab is accredited or not – please contact us and learn how R18LabQMS can add value to your company.

– Gary Irvine