On-site assessment preparation

More and more laboratories using R18LabQMS are having great experiences with their onsite assessments. One recent comment from a newly accredited laboratory that established their QMS from scratch was from the assessor. They commented on the ease of access before and during the assessment with everything completed that resulted in no non-conformities.

Our recent on-site experience

While in the planning stages, we at AI go through a process that checks each aspect of the inspection process. Checking everything from technicians demonstrating tests to management of the overall process and QMS is the key to a successful inspection. The process of giving the assessor access to our QMS was seamless and resulted in no non-conformities.

It has become clearer that the Quality Management System and good documentation hinges around the success of your accreditation. With our laboratory fully engaged with all procedures as they come due and a basic QMS review prior to giving remote access to our assessor, R18LabQMS has been a great tool of efficiency.

AMRL and QMS review before the assesment

There is now a “pre-assessment” option when requesting an on-site assessment that allows a laboratory the option to provide/upload their QMS prior to the on-site assessment. Uploading a QMS can be a daunting task with years of history, with R18LabQMS

all that is required is approval of the Primary Lab Manager.

Version update

We are now reviewing upgrade v1.7.0 and should it be released shortly, a blog post with version changes will follow.

December travels

The week of December 7th Gary Irvine will be at the Asphalt Institute Annual Meeting in Miami, and Zack McKay will be attending ASTM in Tampa, please look us up and say hello.

Please contact us will any questions or comments.

– Gary Irvine