Software Update! v1.9

Hello everyone! We are onto v1.9!

Wednesday, March 29th we are releasing a new software update that will make some important changes to the QM sections and add a new “QM Reports” tab that will replace the “IAR Report” tab.

Click here to view the YouTube video on the updates.

QM Section Changes

Several sections have changed in the QM as according to AASHTO R18-2016. Please read through the new edition of the standard if you have not yet done so and familiarize yourself with the changes. No data should be lost because of these change only rearranged.

Upon logging into the software, Primary Lab Managers will need to complete four (4) new sections of the Laboratory Setup or advance to the Dashboard prior to accessing the application. The new sections address changes made to the new version of the R18 standard.

New QM Reports Tab

There is a new location for several report types in the QM Report tab. This tab is located on the bottom left of the navigation pane on the left hand side of the screen. The new reports tab includes reports for PSP results, Corrective Actions, Customer Complaints, External Assessments, and IAR. Coming later this year will be the Management Review Report.

Let us know your feedback if you have any comments.