Management reviews

Part of the changes to AASHTO R18-16 are management review. Effective April 1, 2017 AASHTO re:source assessor’s began to observe this change. R18LabQMS included the ability to create management reviews in version as indicated on the application news when logging in.

The laboratory’s top management is required to review their QMS at least every 12 months to ensure all procedures are being followed and completed in a timely manner. With top management reviewing their QMS it’s like having an accountability partner.

Not only does senior management need to review the QMS, but there needs to be a record of the review with the following information;

• Audit results (on-site)
• Review proficiency sample results including low ratings, review corrective action report
• Discuss any corrective actions and how to prevent in the future
• Lab personnel changes, updates on training and ways to improve
• Any complaints, either within the lab or outside with customers

Creating management reviews

This can be found by going to the “QMS Reports” tab on the left, then on the tabbed reports, find “Management Reviews” on the far right, click “New Management Review” to get started.

The process includes;
• Management review participants
• Meeting review minutes
• Option to upload and include supporting documentation
• Date
• Reviewed by

You have the option to “save progress” or “save and complete.” A listing of completed and incomplete management reviews will be listed here along with a completed management report in your Quality Manual (tab) in section 5.7.2.

User questions

Q: How do I upload past internal audits?

A: There is no specific function for adding internal audit report history. However, you can do the following; Quality Manual Tab – Section 5.6.1 Procedure for Conducting an Internal Audit – you can have “history” listed and upload your past IAR document (edit/choose file).
Section 5.6.3 Internal Audit Report Records – created from the QMS Reports Tab (IAR), and then populated here.

Q: How do I give assessors access to my quality manual?

A: Log-in to R18LabQMS

The assessor will click “Assessor Sign Up”, then request a laboratory to review;

• User name (your email when you created the account)
• Password

Click the dashboard, the green button upper right.

• Under labs available to audit, select a laboratory to request access. Once the laboratory grants the assessor permission to access your lab they will have access to the following (read-only);
• Lab info
• Procedure history (equipment cal/check/standard and maintenance), click each category, it should all be there
• Quality manual, section numbers corresponds to the R18 standard;


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R18LabQMS has a knowledge base accessible from the dashboard within the application, top right “help”.

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– Gary Irvine