v1.9.5 Application Update

We have released a new update to the application, one we think will go a long way in how you manage equipment and procedures, among a few other things.

For both of these items just mentioned we have made significant improvements on how a piece of equipment is created, as well as any need to edit or modify equipment information. We have also improved how you create or add a new procedure to your equipment. Included with the details below on the update, are a couple videos we hope you find useful in explaining the update, as well as demonstrating the new features. You can also visit our YouTube channel to see helpful videos and tips on how to navigate through the application.

Equipment records: Adding/editing equipment

Previously, the application contained separate records for a piece of equipment, global record and inventory record, which we have now combined into a single equipment record. There is no longer the need to move back and forth between the two records as everything is maintained in a single record. “Type-ahead” search fields have been added to help you find equipment names, models and manufacturers. Equipment is added to your inventory in the same way as before, but with everything in a single record it should be more efficient to add equipment. Watch the video for a full demonstration of the new Equipment Records.

Procedures: Creating/editing procedures

You can now add multiple types of procedures to equipment and are no longer limited to “Cal/Check/Standard” or “Maintenance” procedures. Procedures have been re-categorized in the application into four types: Calibration, Check, Standardization and Maintenance. So, if you have a piece of equipment that requires calibration to multiple standards, you can have a procedure meeting each requirement, with its own frequency.

We have also made creating procedures easier and more efficient as well. When you create a procedure for a piece of equipment, a dialogue box will open allowing you to create a procedure from a list of existing procedures or create a new procedure from scratch. No longer will you be directed to a different page to create a procedure, everything is done in one place. Watch the video demo on creating a new procedure to see and learn more about creating procedures.

When creating an Application Procedure from the form creator, there is an element, “Outside Testing Agency”, that can be added to your procedures to indicate that this calibration was performed by a particular calibration company. When reference is made that calibration was performed by the external agency, it will be indicated in the procedure records of the QM and in completed procedures.

Measurement standards (reference equipment)

A new feature we have added to the application is the management of measurement standards and their use in procedures. When adding equipment to your inventory, or editing equipment already in your inventory, you can designate equipment as a measurement standard. These pieces of equipment will be highlighted in your inventory, allowing them to stand out compared to other equipment. Records for measurement standards are treated in the same way other equipment is managed, however, measurement standards can be used in the application for completing procedures of other pieces of equipment.

When completing a procedure (any of the four types), you will see a line in the procedure for “measurement standards” and when you click on the text box a list will populate with all the measurement standards from your inventory. Upon selecting a measurement standard, the equipment information (name, manufacturer, model, and serial or reference number) will appear on the procedure automatically. This will cut down on the time spent looking up the information for the measurement standard used to perform the calibration. Watch the video for a demo of how measurement standards work.

Other areas of enhancements

– With changes mentioned above, we have modified a few areas of the quality manual and equipment inventory to reflect these changes. You will see slight differences in sections 6.1.1, 6.5.1, 6.5.2 (new section for measurement standards records).

– Something missing from a previous update has been a section in the QM for employee certifications. This section has been added, 5.5.5.

– The PDF generation of the organizational chart has been worked on to make minor improvements in layout.

Thank you for feedback that has helped us in making these improvements to the application, as we use your comments and suggestions when making updates to R18LabQMS. If you are in need of assistance in navigating the changes, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are available to help and usually respond in a timely manner.



Zack McKay