Year-end wrap-up, looking ahead: A sneak peek into v2.0

In the first quarter of 2018 we plan to launch v2.0 of the R18LabQMS application. This version provides a new and refreshed layout of the application that will be more efficient to use and hopefully provides better management of your Quality Management Program. The enhancements of this version provide a more comprehensive dashboard that contains all the key aspects of the application in a concise layout and format.

On the dashboard we have provided a feature using widgets that can be rearranged and customized to fit your needs. Out with the old and in with the new, there is a new navigation pane that runs across the top of the application rather than down the side and it contains a few more links to reach key areas of the application – like the inventory. A new sidebar editor has been added that keeps you on the same page while you edit records or add equipment. The quality manual and equipment inventory underwent major layout changes that provide a more polished look and feel.

To preview some of v2.0, check out this brief video of screenshots of the new version.

v2.0 R18LabQMS Preview

User questions

We receive requests from time to time requesting new features and capabilities. We evaluate each request based on the standard requirements, user experience, feedback from accreditation bodies and the number of request for similar functionalities. Please keep those comments and request coming.

Users that experience bugs

Please contact the R18LabQMS team by clicking on the “support” tab in the upper right-hand corner, this will alert us immediately to the impending issue. If necessary, we may ask the user to allow us access to your account for a deeper dive into the issue. If the issue still persists, we may contact our development team to resolve the issue. Most bugs/issues can be resolved in a relatively short period of time.

While we receive a relatively small number of issues relating to bugs, we are here to help whenever an issue comes up.

2018 subscription rates effective January 1, 2018

Primary Lab –  $2,575
Satellite Lab – $1,550
Primary Lab – AI Member – $2,050
Satellite Lab – AI Member – $1,240


R18LabQMS YouTube Channel – Training and informational videos that include version updates, R18LabQMS demos, and more.
R18LabQMS has a knowledge base – Accessible from the dashboard within the application, top right “help”.

– The R18LabQMS Team