Reference equipment and measurement standards

The application

In a recent upgrade we added new features regarding the management and use of reference equipment that’s used as a measurement standard that is easily recognized within the equipment inventory.  

The R18LabQMS application allows you to indicate which pieces of equipment are measurement standards so that when you are completing a procedure you can choose the measurement standard from a dropdown list and include the required information with the standardization, calibration, or check procedure. It is not a requirement of the application that you use the measurement standard option, but it is a quick way to identify measurement standards used to complete procedures.

To make a piece of equipment a measurement standard, go to your inventory and under the “actions” drop-down select “edit equipment.” About 1/3 of a page down, you should see a checkbox asking if the piece of equipment is a measurement standard. Once you have made a couple pieces of equipment measurement standards, they will highlight “yellow” in your inventory and they will be able to be selected from the dropdown list while completing a procedure. The information from the measurement standard will be included with your completed procedure.


The standard includes a requirement for measurement standards, which are often referred to as reference equipment or reference standard. Specifically, measurement standards are equipment that are used to perform standardization, calibration or checks of particular pieces of equipment (i.e. reference thermometer for an oven or DSR).  

Here’s the definition in AASHTO R18

Measurement standard—The embodiment of the definition of a given quantity, with a stated value and measurement uncertainty, used as a reference. This term is often called “reference standard.”

The standard also requires that you indicate which Measurement Standards were used, if any, to perform standardization, calibration, or checks.


The release of v2.0 is on track for its debut March 2018, please keep a close watch out for news on our January 2018 blog!

Subscriptions changes

To date, there has not been a pricing adjustment to the annual subscription since its inception; our goal was to develop and create a viable product with a proven platform over time before making any adjustments to the subscription model. That said, effective January 1, 2018 there will be a pricing adjustment on all renewals and new subscriptions.

The following subscription rates will be effective January 1, 2018.

Primary Lab                          $2,575

Satellite Lab                          $1,550

Primary Lab – AI Member     $2,050

Satellite Lab – AI Member     $1,240

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– Gary Irvine