v2.0 – Let’s dig in and look around!

After nearly one year in the planning and development of version 2.0, the upgrade went live on March 12th! We are closely tracking any issues that may arise, and listening to user feedback.


Important to Note

We are checking for browser compatibility, and at this point Chrome and Firefox are working the best. We are also working through issues with Internet explorer (IE) that should be resolved soon. As soon as these issues are resolved we will announce it in the application news, see this when logging in or in Application News widget.


Significant Changes to the Application

Upcoming blogs will highlight changes and improvements to v2.0. This month we will start with the Dashboard, upon logging in.


Navigation Bar

The first notable change is the overall look and features of the Dashboard where you will find the navigation bar is no longer on the left, but is now horizontal at the top of the page with the current page (tab) highlighted. Added to the v2.0 navigation bar is the (Equipment) Inventory, previously located within the Manage Lab tab.


Customize Your Dashboard with Widgets

You will notice ‘widgets’ within the Dashboard that can be customized in their location (click and drag), activate, or inactivate. You can also make the widgets view in 2 or 3 columns.

After you make changes to your Dashboard by doing the aforementioned, that will be the look and format when logging back in until further changes are made.


Other Notable Mentions on the Dashboard

  • Expand widgets (upper right with 45 degree arrows), details will appears on right for navigation, click again to close.
  • The user name (and role) is highlighted at the top.
  • The lab that the user is logged into will be identified at the top.
  • If the Primary Lab has satellite labs, you can easily move from one QMS to another


If you have any comments or questions about v2.0 please contact us!


User Questions

Q: Can I customize my quality manual by adding more sections?

A: Yes. Adding sections to meet internal requirements or other QM standards is easily done by going to your Quality Manual Tab, click on “custom section” at the top; from that point it is self-explanatory. The two options you will have (entry type) are 1) Title, and 2) WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and file upload.  



R18LabQMS YouTube Channel – Training and Informational Videos that includes version updates, R18LabQMS demos, and more.

R18LabQMS has a knowledge base Accessible from the Dashboard within the application, top right “help”.


Training Opportunities

Once you work through the setup process, the following links can be found in the upper right hand corner of the application;

  • Support – Email Us
  • WebEx – Additional training, please let us know and we can set this up.
  • Onsite Training – Fee-based, please inquire.


Upcoming Industry Meetings ASTM

Title: D04 Road and Paving Materials

Dates: Tuesday June 26 2018 – Thursday June 28 2018

Location: Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina; San Diego, CA US

Event Name: June 2018 Committee Week

For all questions regarding your quality management system, whether your lab is accredited or not, please contact us and learn how R18LabQMS can add value to your company.


Gary Irvine

R18LabQMS Program Manager