Feedback from AASHTO re:source

We recently received feedback from AASHTO re:source regarding assessor access to a laboratory’s Quality Manual (QM). They received a request from a user of R18LabQMS and asked if they could log in to their account and dig through and find all their supporting documentation for resolution of non-conformities.

Assessor access

The purpose of “Assessor Access” to your QM is to verify that your laboratory is following the guidelines of AASHTO R18 before and during the assessment only. Most assessors appreciate the opportunity to review your QM prior to coming on-site, this saves everyone a significant amount of time and is a more efficient process.

After the on-site assessment

If your laboratory received non-conformities during the on-site assessment, you will be required to resolve them in a timely manner. At this point, you will be working with a quality analyst and may be required to provide supporting documentation that must be provided by the laboratory. All AASHTO re:source-accredited laboratories have log in access to their accounts where all non-conformities are resolved and must upload into their system for review.

Recent user questions and comments

Q: How do I indicate a piece of equipment in my inventory as a measurement standard, also can that information be incorporated within an equipment procedure form?

A: Indicating a piece of equipment as a measurement standard is done in one of two ways. When adding a new piece of equipment into your inventory, at the bottom of the form click the button (slider) “used as measurement standard (reference equipment)” – that’s it. To edit an existing piece of equipment, simply click view, click the “edit info and procedures” tab. By doing this it will be highlighted within your inventory and Quality Manual in section 6.1.1.

When adding reference equipment to an equipment procedure you will find as a default element for all procedures “measurement standard.” If it’s listed as such in your inventory it will appear on the drop-down.


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– Gary Irvine
R18LabQMS Program Manager