Equipment procedures V2.4

Equipment procedures V2.4

Updating the way equipment procedure forms are created was one of many upgrades included in the V2.4 upgrade. Let’s revisit this information from our March blog post: 

This upgrade was long overdue and will allow more flexibility when creating the equipment procedure forms within the application, and users will be able to provide more content on a single page. Currently, entire rows are used for a single form element. With this upgrade, not only will users be able to have three form elements on a single row but will also be able to check a Form Preview before completing the task. Details and functionality of the new procedure forms can be found in the User Guide.

I have found creating procedure forms to be subjective in nature, each lab creates and documents its calibrations, checks, standardization and maintenance procedures in various ways. It’s fair to say, no two labs are the same. So, let’s explore and find out what the fundamentals are and what the AASHTO R18 Standard requires as a baseline.

The AASHTO R18 Standard – section 6.5 equipment records

Here, you will find the minimum required information when documenting equipment procedures for calibrations, standardizations, checks and maintenance procedures. The frequency of each procedure should be followed according to section 6.4. 

Equipment procedure basics

Referencing Figure X1.10 through X1.17 are examples of what is required in an equipment procedure. 

First, there is the outline:

  • Purpose
  • Equipment Required
  • Tolerance
  • Procedure

Then the documentation 

Here you will document your findings in the process of performing the procedure, within the documentation. The laboratory will indicate if the procedure is performed by an outside service or performed in-house by laboratory personnel.

Most laboratories will use an outside calibration service on an annual basis, as the rest perform in-house procedures.

Important to note when performing in-house procedures: equipment used is considered measurement standards, these are non-working pieces of equipment. Requirement for Measurement Standards can be found in Sections –

Creating forms

When adding a form to a procedure we have added the ability to create and document more content within a single page. There are various form elements that can be added along with the ability to have three columns. Once form elements are created the user can move them around and customize the layout of the form. Additionally, you can attach a template file to be used with or in conjunction with the custom form. This goes back to my comment about there being no two labs that create and document equipment procedures in the same way, so we have made the Form Creator as flexible as possible.

User question

Q: We have a large inventory in our laboratory, do we have to input each record individually, or is there a way to batch upload the inventory?

A: Great question. Unfortunately, equipment is added individually into the inventory right now. However, with the growing number of laboratories asking this question, we have gone to our development team and asked about the viability of creating this function. We are currently working on this so by the end of Q2, this functionality should be in place,

Resources and training opportunities

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