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User Guide – 10.7 Organizational Chart

There are 3 places within the application where you can edit and manage the Organizational Chart; 

1) The Manage Lab Tab (click View on the Organizational Chart Tab)

2) The Quality manual Tab (section 5.3.3, click edit Organizational Chart)

3) The users Tab (click Org Chart)

In all 3 places the process is the same;

You will then find (upper left)

  • Active Users (total number of active users, all roles)
  • Primary Managers (PL included part of the total users)
  • Inactive users
  • Org Chart (click to manage and edit)

After clicking the Org Chart Tab you will find;

  • View or Modify (upper left)
  • last edit date 
  • Zoom in, Zoom out
  • Export as PDF as a table or a chart.

After clicking Modity to edit and manage the organizational chart;

  • Drag and drop users by clicking/hold the mouse button, click the name/light blue portion and drop on the name light blue area.

Within the Users widget on the Organization Chart you will find;

  • User Name (top of widget, light blue)
  • Position Descriptions, (added when creating a new user)
  • Hide; by clicking the user will be hidden from the Org Chat after saving/view. Going back and clicking Modify, the user will be visible, and the Show button will appear
  • After making and edits/changes to the Org Chart, you must click Save (upper left), edits made on the Org Chart will update in all 3 places as described in 9.1.4.