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User Guide – 2.2  Primary Lab Initial Setup

There are two types of accounts, one being the Primary Lab (PL), and the other being a Satellite Lab (SL). Both accounts function the same  with subtle differences. If your laboratory has only one Subscription, your account is considered the Primary Lab. If your company has several subscriptions managed under the Primary Lab, they are considered Satellite Labs managed under the Primary Lab Account. 

Sections 5 and 6

As you initiate the Lab Setup Process for your Quality Management System, you will find sections in the left hand column that correspond to the AASHTO R18 Standard; Section 5 (Management), and Section 6 (Technical). You will then navigate through each section to add content and procedures using the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) box, or add files for that specific section. WYSIWYGs and uploaded files  can be used in conjunction with one another.  Once each section is completed, you can either Save Progress or Save & Continue. When Save & Continue is clicked this will be reflected on the progress bar at the top left of the setup page. Also you will find a green dot next to each completed section as you work through the process.

Note: When adding content, we always encourage users to compose complete and comprehensive procedures for each section even though the application only requires a single digit or letter in the WYSIWYG box or an uploaded file for a section to be considered complete. The lack of clear and concise or too brief procedure content can lead to non-conformities during an on-site assessment.

Sections Requiring Procedures, Not Records 

The only sections that require actual written procedures are found within the Setup Process.

  •  After you Exit and go to the Dashboard View, you will then go to the Quality Manual Tab to find all sections including Records, i.e. Resumes, Technician Evaluations, Certifications, Internal Audit Reports, Management Review, and more.

Adding Users During the Setup Process

This can be done in section 5.3.3 Organizational Chart; 

  • Once you click that section you will need to click Modify in the upper left. Once you’re in the modify view/tab you will see + New User on the upper right.

Adding Equipment During the Setup Process

This is done in section 6.1.1 Inventory List of Equipment. Adding equipment can be a long process that includes adding equipment Calibration, Standardizations, Checks, and Maintenance Procedures to each piece of equipment as appropriate. 

  • Once completing and exiting  the Setup Process and in the Dashboard View, access the equipment inventory and add procedures by clicking the Inventory Tab at the top, more details on this in 5.0 Inventory, User Guide.

Save Progress and Exit Setup

At any point in the setup process you can “Save Progress and Exit Setup” (top right), this will then take you to the Dashboard view going forward whenever you login to your account. 

  •  Remember when you exit the setup process you CANNOT go back and continue the setup process.  

Incompleted Sections within the Quality Manual

If sections were incomplete after leaving the setup process, not a problem! There are a couple ways you can find and complete these section;

  • When logging in, you will find a “widget” (component of the Dashboard that enables the user to perform a function or view content) titled QM Completion; as an example there you will see a large value “89% complete”, then on the lower quadrant of the widget you will see 32 complete, and 4 incomplete. You can click view either to edit and make changes.
  • On the Quality Manual Tab, you can review each section for it’s content and add content, edit and make changes.