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User Guide – 6.2 Inventory Navigation


You can add a shortcut to the Dashboard widget by clicking + Add To Shortcuts, by doing this it will give you the opportunity to add a custom shortcut name that will appear on your Dashboard widget.

Lab Equipment tab (upper left): a complete list of all equipment that can be viewed as all or by category. Just below you will see a number for in-service (total number of equipment, all categories), and out of service.

Equipment Procedures tab: When clicking, equipment images are located on the first column on left, then equipment name will be on the second column, and columns 3-6 will be any equipment procedures added. Here you can click edit, details, or perform each procedure, if there are more than 4 procedures, click on the last column on the right, View All.

In-Service Equipment with Procedures (number)

Here you will find the total number of equipment that are in service, all categories with a number just to the right after the word “Procedures”.

Display (dropdown)

Here you can select the total number of equipment displayed; 10, 25, 50, 100, All. If the inventory bleeds over into additional pages, there will be a dialog box located at the top right on the inventory listing showing the number of pages with options to click a specific page, previous, and next.

Footer navigation 

  • On the lower left you will find the R18LabQMS logo.
  • Moving to the right; AASHTO R18 Laboratory / Quality Management System, just below you will find the most current version of the R18LabQMS application.
  • Then moving to the lower right you will find 3 links; 
  • Support; send the R18LabQMS team an email with any comments of questions;
  • User Guide; that will answer most or all questions regarding the use and functionality of the application.
  • R18 Blog; This will take you to the R18LabQMS Blog located on the public site, a new blog comes out on or about the 1st of each month with a wide range of topics centered around laboratory quality, tools, tips, and tactics.