R18LabQMS v1.5 implementation set for July

Gary Irvine

Gary Irvine

Changes to the R18LabQMS application are made based on user feedback, functionality and intuitiveness. After the launch on March 1st. we are now in the process of making some key upgrades. Here are the highlights that will greatly improve the user’s experience;

 1) Equipment procedures will be editable instead of having to create an internal copy. The current process to edit a procedure in the laboratory inventory had several steps and had proven to be counterproductive.

2) Training procedure evaluations will be much more streamlined for management as they document procedures technicians are trained for. Once a category has been selected, only those related tests will appear on the next drop down option. When a test is selected, the corresponding ASTM and AASHTO standards will appear.

3) AMRL assessor and lab quick view of all maintenance and cal/check/stand procedures has been added. This important feature will allow the user to quickly view procedures just like going through a file cabinet.

4) In the quality manual view, we are adding last completed and next due dates for maintenance and cal/check/stand procedures. This is currently sections 6.1.2. and 6.1.4.

5) We are adding a “Save Progress” button for all procedures, currently the only option is to “Submit Form.” This will allow the user to input data, save progress and come back later to complete the procedure.

6) We have included the ability to print blank procedures.

7) Addenda to reports that are complete are now possible.

8) Version numbers will now be in the footer.

9) Knowledge base tab is now in the left hand column.

10) You can now sort columns on tables.

11) Internal Audit Report currently has a comment section at the end of the report, which will stay. We are adding the option to add comments to each individual section.

12) Unique identifier and Location of Equipment have been added.